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obama gathers top aides to meet with state and local officials from states impacted by hurricane sandy. today he and his cabinet members will hold conference calls with the governors of new jersey and connecticut to make sure that fema is doing everything possible with the recovery. he wants to avoid the problems in hurricane katrina disaster. >> ordered that resources are available as soon as they needed them. not let the red tape get in the way of solving problems especially when it came to local utilities could restore power as quickly as possible. >> following today's meetings, they will fan out and visit storm damaged communities throughout the region. to make sure that necessary resources are being provided. mitt romney gave the republican address with his own comments. >> our thoughts and prayers are with those on the east coast. americans come together in times of crisis. our first impulse is to come to the aid of those in need. this time it will be no different and help our fellow americans recover from this tragic storm. >> terry: he went on to talk about the decision america
. >>> with ten days to go before the election. president obama and mitt romney are having to cancel events from their schedules for key battleground states directly in the path of hurricane sandy. >> reporter: turn the channel and i see the president on mtv and inside edition. the comedy shows, leno and first lady on kimmel. and not just tv. a campaign event with katie perry. an interview with rolling stone and us weekly. the president is going hip and young. he is ahead with nearly two-thirds of the voters but he needs them to turn out. for romney changed from four years ago. >> this requires as change. >> it's a different audience. >> the governor leads among white men, 66-32% and leads the most national polls where the president has a slight lead in many of the battleground states. that is up has both campaigns feeling confident they have the voters the ground game to bring home a victory. >> somebody is going to be wrong on november 7th so very different assumptions the campaigns 6 about the kinds of people who are going to turn out to vote. >> how close this election. one ohio voter wrote
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2